Posted BY: Jose Nino

Texas Senator John Cornyn generated controversy last weekend by calling Republican activists at the Texas GOP convention a “mob.” This came after many of these activists started booing him when he came on the stage.

Many grassroots activists are angry with Cornyn’s support for a so-called gun control “framework.” 

This framework is the latest gun control proposal that the DC Swamp is currently proposing. It consists of financial incentives for states to pass their own red flag gun confiscation orders, stricter background checks for gun purchasers less than 21 years of age, and stiffer penalties for straw purchasers. 

In light of Cornyn’s inflammatory remarks, the National Association for Gun Rights is calling for the Texas Senator to apologize for calling GOP activists a “mob” after he voiced his support for federal gun control acts. 

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In a press release sent out on June 20, 2022, NAGR noted that “gun rights activists were peacefully voicing their displeasure with Sen. Cornyn and the gun control legislation he’s been fighting to pass in the U.S. Senate” when they booed Cornyn and chanted “red flag” during his speech. 

“John Cornyn is the definition of  a two-faced politician. He claims to support the Second Amendment, but is actually working to eviscerate our gun rights by cutting deals with anti-gun Democrats – and when his constituents publicly held him accountable, he called them a mob,” declared Dudley Brown, President of NAGR. “It appears that Sen. Cornyn hates the First Amendment as much as the Second and will continue to undermine the Bill of Rights as long as he’s in public office.”

Conservative grassroots organization Texas Scorecard reported that the Texas GOP “unanimously approved a resolution condemning the ‘compromise’ package U.S. Sen. John Cornyn crafted unilaterally with his Democrat colleagues to impose new gun control laws.”

“Texans don’t want gun control – and this weekend we used our First Amendment rights to let Cornyn know we won’t tolerate his betrayal,” stated Chris McNutt, Executive Director of Texas Gun Rights. “He could be working to eliminate so-called gun free zones, but instead he’s teamed up with Chuck Schumer to extort tax payers into funding Red Flag gun confiscation. And when his voters lobbied him to reverse course, he insulted them and doubled down his support for gun control.”

Throughout the Texas GOP convention, NAGR staff was delivering political literature that exposed Cornyn’s support for gun control, and filmed the crowd of convention participants who voiced their displeasure with Cornyn. 

NAGR is firmly opposed to all federal gun control proposals and is urging Cornyn to apologize for his mockery of red-blooded, pro-Second Amendment patriots by calling them a mob. 

NAGR is an organization that goes beyond petty partisan politics. They’re concentrated on defending freedom and are willing to take both parties to task for their failures to uphold the Constitution and defend traditional civil liberties like the Second Amendment.

Their efforts can be supported here.