Posted BY: Alicia Powe

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted the Justice Department and the “two-tiered justice system” that readily targets Republicans but refuses to prosecute the high-level Democrat staffer who was repeatedly caught on camera vandalizing her office.

The American people can no longer trust the justice system, Greene warned in a speech on the House floor on Tuesday.

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“In order to have a justice system that is fair and good and one that the American people can trust, it should be a justice system that prosecutes crime, just because it’s a crime, not based on a political party; not based on does it match up with the ideas or policies they agree with or the president that’s in the White House or whoever is speaker of the House or whoever is in leadership,” the Georgia congresswoman scolded. “It should matter that it’s a crime and they should prosecute these crimes. But unfortunately, that’s not happening.”