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THE idea that we may not be alone in the universe is steadily gaining credence. Whether it’s extraordinary videos released by the US Government, fascinating personal statements from respected public figures such as UK astronaut Tim Peake, or posthumous testimony from Professor Stephen Hawking’s mega-brain, the old cliché that you had to be nuts to believe in aliens is slowly but surely crumbling.

A couple of weeks ago the “Pentagon videos”, first made public in 2021, were re-released. Shot mostly by astonished US Navy pilots on training missions, they show flying objects moving around them with inexplicable speed and seemingly impossible abrupt changes in direction.

The objects – white dots, or odd geometric shapes that look suspiciously like our old friend the flying saucer – have no visible means of propulsion. But in terms of speed and movement they outperform anything the most advanced air forces on planet Earth could muster.

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One of the reasons the videos have resurfaced is because, emboldened by the Pentagon’s pledge last year to take them seriously, other US military pilots have stepped forward to say they too have encountered mysterious flying objects (classified as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

Pilots used to think if they reported an unexplained encounter they would be putting the tin lid on their careers. But now it seems there have been many more such incidents than anyone suspected.

Meanwhile this week China issued, and then hastily retracted, claims to have intercepted radio signals from “an alien civilisation”.

Reports that China’s Sky Eye telescope may have picked up intelligent “chatter” from somewhere in deep space were published by the Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of the Beijing regime’s ministry of science and technology. The article was fascinating.

Sky Eye – the world’s largest radio telescope – had unexpectedly detected narrow-band electro-magnetic signals entirely different from any previously captured on Earth. But before the story could gain traction, a senior scientist at Sky Eye backtracked and mumbled it could just be “radio interference”. Hmm.

Susanna Reid and I interviewed Tim Peake on GMB this week. He was unequivocal on the subject of alien life or even advanced civilisations existing in distant parts of the universe. He said that given the number of planets in other star systems that we know are capable of supporting life, it is a statistical probability that some of them – maybe a near-infinite number – do.

Stephen Hawking’s last book (published posthumously by his children) was Brief Answers To The Big Questions. He took the same view as Peake. Hawking thought it completely reasonable to believe there are countless other life forms out there, some as intelligent as us or infinitely more so.

But Hawking didn’t think we should go looking for them. “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America,” he said. “That didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.”

I hate to sound paranoid. But maybe instead of preparing to welcome alien contact, we should be trying to ignore it. Or, worst case, getting ready to defend ourselves.
If we can. Bows and arrows weren’t much use against muskets.

Joan reveals the naked truth

The Sun dropped Page 3 girls in the UK back in 2015. So why does their former star model Sam Fox want them back?

“As an antidote to all the vile porn that’s out there now,” she tells me. “The Page 3 girls were so much more wholesome.”

I asked her on Good Morning Britain if she would consider making a one-off appearance herself at 56. “Well, Joan Collins posed for Playboy at 60, didn’t she?” Sam replied.

During the next break, my text inbox pinged. It was Joan. “I was 49!” she protested!

Happy to get the bare facts straight.