Why are there so many little boys walking around in dresses in Hollywood? Why are these children so intensely promoted on social and mass media? And what the hell is going on with Liev Shreiber?

Posted BY: Vigilant Citizen

I do not particularly enjoy discussing the children of celebrities. These kids did not choose to live under the spotlight and they deserve to enjoy normal childhoods. However, some celebrity parents do everything in their power to thrust their children under that proverbial spotlight. They are paraded around at social events, publicized all over social media, and some are even used as props for PR stunts and general virtue signaling.

While that behavior is already exploitive in its own right, another level of strangeness has been emerging in Hollywood in the past years: Little boys walking around in dresses. And some are as young as TWO years old. And many of them wear outfits that are weirdly revealing and sexualized. It has become something of a “trend” among the Hollywood elite, a fashionable thing to do. Of course, mass media outlets inevitably shower these parents with praise because they allow their children to “express themselves”.

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But what if it was the exact opposite? What if some of these boys were groomed and forced to dress and act as girls for some kind of insane reason? Wouldn’t that qualify as a particularly insidious form of child abuse? Here are some examples of this trend.