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Candidates backed by former President Donald J. Trump won their primary races in Virginia and the Alabama Senate runoff but ran into trouble again in Georgia, where both Trump-endorsed candidates lost their nomination bids. The 45th president’s endorsement record now stands at 133-10 following Tuesday’s races.

Trump-Republican Katie Britt secured the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Alabama, beating out Republican Rep. Mo Brooks. Britt rode a late Trump endorsement to victory, which came on June 10 after the initial primary race, as Breitbart News noted

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In his endorsement, Trump stated:

Katie is an Incredible Fighter for the people of Alabama. As President and CEO of Alabama’s Business Council, Katie has been working hard to Grow Alabama’s Economy, Create Jobs, and Restore the Great American Dream. She has the Total Support and Endorsement of Chairman Jimmy Parnell and the Alabama Farmers Federation.

The proud mother of two wonderful children, Katie, along with her great husband, Welsey, a Star at the University of Alabama and the New England Patriots, are True Champions for the American Family. Katie Strongly Supports our under siege Second Amendment, Stands Up for Parental Rights, and Will Fight for our Military, our Vets, and Election Integrity.