“Overall, many Americans are not suffering as much as they think they are,” claims WaPo columnist Michelle Singletary.Comes as Joe Biden calls for suspension of gas tax — which is only 18 cents.

Posted BY: Jamie White

A guest on MSNBC has a winning message for Americans worried about rising gas prices and the prospect of a looming recession: be glad you still have a job and shut up.

“I’m just gonna say this, and if I get dinged for it, I don’t care,” Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary began on “Chris Jansing Reports” Wednesday. “There is a great deal of Americans where it is uncomfortable that they’re spending more, but they are not gonna go under.”

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“You’ve got to stop complaining when there are so many people who literally think inflation rate means they may only have two meals instead of three,” Singletary said.

“There are Americans who do extremely well in the last two years in the market. You still have your job. And yeah, it’s costing you more in gas. But guess what? You’re gonna take that holiday — that Fourth of July vacation. You can still eat out,” Singletary argued.

“So I’m gonna need you to calm down and back off,” she snarked.

Singletary went as far as to blame Americans’ fears for bringing about a potential recession, and insisted that inflation is only high because of COVID.

“Overall, many Americans are not suffering as much as they think they are. We can think things into existence because we are unrealistically fearful of something that hasn’t happened yet,” Singletary said. “We don’t know if we’re in a recession yet. Inflation is high, but it’s high for a reason. We just came out of a pandemic where if you got COVID, you weren’t sure you were going to live.”

It should be pointed out that high gas prices aren’t just effecting Republicans; they’re hurting everybody, including Democrat supporters, like this liberal who blamed high gas prices on the “religious right”:

So there you have it. The new message from the Democrat Party to struggling Americans: “Calm down and back off.”

This would make a great campaign ad for Republicans.

Notably, on Wednesday Joe Biden called for a 90-day suspension of the federal gas tax – which is about 18 cents – to lower the historically high national average of around $5 a gallon.

Biden absurdly claimed lowering high gas prices by 18 cents will provide “some immediate relief” to the American consumer.