‘Do everyone a favor and tanning is not for you,’ the woman told white people

Posted BY: Infowars.com

Popular Twitter page Libs of Tik Tok has found yet another loony liberal posting a bizarre, race-obsessed rant on the internet.

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed white woman issued a public announcement addressing “that time of year where white people want to get really tan,” which most people just call the summer season.

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Regarding the hot summer months when the Sun increases the melanin in human bodies, the lady said, “If you’re a white person – you can’t wait to get super tan, and you can’t say Black Lives Matter, and you’re not an ally and you can’t stand up for your black, brown, indigenous people of color friends and family – then do everyone a favor and tanning is not for you. So, thank you.”

The woman’s message didn’t lack any flair as she made sure to say a sentence in Spanish to demonstrate she’s an ally to minority communities.

Trump lawyer and NewsMax contributor Jenna Ellis joked on Twitter that the left is so stereotypical she accurately predicted they’d take offense to tanning.

Ellis posted a Tweet from May 2021 where she joked, “I’m in Florida this weekend with a pledge to help end racism: tanning, so I can be less white.”

“They’re so predictable, I was making fun of them years in advance,” Ellis wrote on Wednesday.

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