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Musing on possible happenings in the near future brought me to battle, or should I say Bantering with myself as I rarely get too serious with my own internal struggles, with some various thoughts on our possible near future.  Near the beginning of this year I along with many others had some very weird feelings of foreboding and even fear of what is in our immediate future.  This darkness of thought lasted well into the year, even becoming stronger as bad news constantly bombards us.  Many of us have had that same feeling that something evil, something very bad and evil is going to happen this year and there is a reason for it; the Holy Spirit whispers to us warnings and recommendations of what to do about it.  Some may call this their Conscience or others just refer to it as an ‘omen’ or ‘prompting’, but when it is more than just a bit of undigested dinner or other upset internal system I can say it is likely the Holy Spirit whispering to us.  No, I am not a prophet nor am I any kind of sage but I have learned to listen to those promptings of the Spirit when they are strong enough to be noticed by someone as weak of ‘hearing’ that Spirit as I am.  Maybe just a feeling, but a strong one so I take notice.

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As the situation in this world progresses (or regresses as that seems a better term) I note the tone of the current war in Ukraine and how badly it is covered in the western news systems.  We have gone over a few times now how the fog of war colors or dramatically distorts any truths that might allow us to understand what is really going on.  My study on the available sources leads me to believe that Ukraine has already lost that war some time ago and what we are seeing now is just the last struggles of the powers behind it working their best to keep something moving as a way of producing their end results.  For instance, Russia believes the US will produce some kind of false flag to allow a direct entry into that theater while UK and US politicians and military puppets say that it is inevitable.  And so do Russian pundits.

Dmitry Trenin who is a top Putin advisor gave a speech at the Council for Foreign Defense Policy where he stated “They (US & its allies) are striving to exclude Russia from world politics…, and completely destroy the Russian economy. Their success would allow the US-led West to finally resolve the ‘’Russian Question” and create favorable prospects for victory in the confrontation with China” which is likely very true.  I also note that the Gateway Pundit said that western military analysts are dazed and confused as they seemingly miscalculated things all along.  Things such as the Russian fortitude to retake the Russian speaking and Russian blood and Russian cultural eastern provinces of the Ukraine called the Donbas.  What, I believe anyway, seems to have surprised the western Intel the most is the fact that Russia did not attack the population centers as they are supposed to have according to our obviously twisted MSM propaganda but in fact only attacked the military units such as those using old abandoned hospitals for billeting troops and equipment which gives the impression of war crimes as a more popular example.  When the West appeared to be on the verge of invading Ukraine to fight more directly against Russia they used a few hypersonic missile to get the point across that they were very serious when they said that is NOT going to be allowed.  We stopped, at least for the time being. 

So who do we blame for this war?  Russia for messing up the American and other western nations criminal syndicates using Ukraine and their illegally installed Nazi style fascist puppet government cohorts being used to protect their money laundering schemes and bio-weapon labs that even the US has admitted exist (or used to exist) in Ukraine?  That is one of the major reasons used to explain Russia’s actions, and very successful actions at that, but there is far more to it all.  In the UK a paper called the Daily Star (which tends towards sensationalism) speaks of Putin building a New World Order which is seemingly at odds with the WEF/Illuminati version by all popular accounts, but I do not think so.  On June 14th ANP published a column of mine that had to do with Vlad Putin and how he is not the enemy of the dim witted puppet Joey Biden but rather Biden and his puppet masters are feeding him more power and wealth than they could imagine.  The Geller Report story on the Russian Ruble said it hit a seven year high recently while among some other stories say it is the strongest ever, so tell me again how the western (Biden) sanctions have destroyed Russian prospects for the future.  After all, Russia and the WHO are great friends and they play well together, not like the popular tales imply.

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Russia has been gifted the tremendous benefit of supplying the Eastern world with much needed cheap petro energy and abundant grain harvests while the West (specifically the US) is PURPOSELY destroying its ability to generate energy and food production systems with now over a hundred actions taken by someone or something to eliminate our ability to feed ourselves as illustrated in this most recent article by Stefan Stanford in ANP.  This systematic destruction of our food supply and production is leading us directly into mass famine and the destruction of our petroleum lifeline can only add to that destruction and we (they) blame our troubles on Russia.  Is Russia really the loser in this war?  They are winning on the battlefront; they are winning economically and increasing in world prestige and power while we are purposely being led down that filthy path to total ruin and even mass annihilation. 

The City of London and the US counterparts (CIA, Pentagon, State Department, etc) want a “perma-war” to feed profits to the Military Industrial Complex that permeate and control our whole system of government and economic growth.  That massive money generating machine is worldwide and controlled by those that cover the expenses of building, equipping and commanding those war systems on EVERY side and have for many centuries now.  We more commonly know them as the Central Banks or more particularly as the Rothschild’s or the Church of Lucifer (literally not figuratively).   In Europe that war will likely go hot with England and NATO joining our own idiots to foment that war just as Russia claims and we will send our sons to die for those evil monsters.  That False Flag Russia claims is coming may come via Poland, Lithuania, Finland or many other hot points now in motion so keep your eyes and ears open.   Biden, or rather his puppet masters, is not out to destroy Russia as depicted in the media but to build them via their major benefactor and money supply Red China.  Chinese banks are and have been under the Central Banks that created and fund them and support their operations in behalf of the so-called New World Order concept of drastically reducing the world’s population and eliminating the US as a world power.  The concept of those things is NOT in opposition to the destruction mandated for this nation and the City of London.  Reading the news and listening to the various pundits would seem to indicate the opposite, but I do not see it that way.  The US is NOT the enemy to, but one of the Benefactors of Russia just as the Chinese are.

Let’s take a bit of a different approach to the invasion of our nation primarily by foreign men of military age that is supposedly to color our white majority and create more leftist voters to keep the democrat/communist/Nazi party in power coming mostly over our Southern border.  That is the popular theory but again, I do not agree.  That may be the promulgated thought, but it is false as proven by the incoming invaders preferring NOT to vote democrat as shown in various polls and surveys let alone the fact that so many of our military are being systematically destroyed by the bio-weapon known as the C19 vax and the constant hammering of the insane perversions of thinking that one can change ones gender and that it is fine if you want to play games with the same sex or unknown sex.  This army is being trained, equipped and readied for a near future deployment to cover the mass riots and destructions coming this summer and into the fall in our major cities as our own military are shipped overseas to die for no good reason whatsoever.  These foreign military aged men invading our homeland are being bunked in compounds next to our major military bases and flown in and mustered during the night time to hide their numbers and strengths. This is as evil as evil can be and is destroying our military effectiveness and readiness as never before right at the time that we are going to need them to protect us from invasion and war directly against our Homeland.  To say nothing about the children being smuggled in for satanic rituals, adrenochrome production and sex slave markets.

That same destruction of our military is why it is a good bet that the upcoming war over who will own Taiwan will most likely result in the destruction of our Pacific fleet as our pilots cannot fly with the adverse reactions from the mandated injections of a bio-weapon and the inherent distrust of fighting alongside someone that only wants to play with your body parts for his evil perversions sake.  That is NEVER a way to fight, you MUST be able to trust your battle companion in a life or death situation, not fear his twisted intentions.  So rather than train for the soon breaking war in the South China Sea we are indoctrinating our military to play nice in bed with each other.  It is my contention that before this year is out China will own Taiwan outright and we will have no more Pacific fleet.  Am I wrong?  Maybe, I have been before, but that is how I see things developing in that arena at this point.

And in the Mideast things are no rosier as Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and even into Turkey and Israel are ready to tear each other’s throats out.  India is already battling China in the Himalayas and India and Pakistan have been fighting in their northern regions for a long time now, and they are all nuclear armed.  Israel is ready to strike Iranian nuke facilities and have been warring indirectly with them in Syria and other nations near them.  Turkey is trying to be the big influence in that region while at the same time playing devil’s advocate in the eastern European theater.  That is one nation that has historically been the aggressor or at least the direct cause of wars since time began or since the Flood at least.

At home things are just as bad as or even worse than the world at large.  With nature going wild with earthquakes, floods, intense winds like hurricanes and tornadoes, intentional famine, war both international as well as civil, massive fires that are many times anything nature can provide, the major diseases being foisted on us by our own government under the guise of “vaccines” and the direct poisoning of our water, food and medicines how can you not see that this nation is being pushed to extremes of stress and a resulting total breakdown of normal operations to promote the destruction of most life in this once great nation.  This situation is really just getting started and will increase so rapidly that one can only wonder how it was even done.  This summer and fall are going to be very interesting I suspect.  The attempts to eliminate our means of defense against these evil monsters under the guise of making our schools safer for our kids while at the same time those forces of evil are increasing the false flag attacks in our schools killing more and more of our precious children.   NEVER give up your arms as the calculated result is your enslavement and loss of you and your family’s life.  Again, I am speaking not figuratively but literally of the loss of our lives.  This civil war will not be like the first one as it will not be state against state, but neighbor against neighbor, father against son, brother against brother and government against everyone.

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It appears that the odds show the democrats will lose the next midterm elections and the power that they hold, but I am suspicious of that idea.  Sure, the polls show that will be the case but just as they will never allow Trump or anyone with that same mindset to take power again.  I also suspect that the effects that the puppet Biden and his incompetence has had on the loss of democrat voters and agenda.  Perhaps, but not necessarily so.  They may try to remove him on some grounds or the other and we also know that the veep Harris is no better, showing signs of an IQ no more than about 85 at best and that is not conducive to any leadership role that requires competence.  It is also apparent that Pelosi will not survive as Speaker because if the republicans do take over, she will be replaced quickly.  This situation is critical for not only the democrats power structure but for the survivability of our nation.  Consider this; they know that with the current setup they would lose a fair election by massive numbers.  They also know that just as Trump foiled their well laid plans that any republican majority would do likewise, and that even assumes that the republicans will do as they normally do when they have a majority and not do one dammed thing to improve the situation.  They are as useless as zits on a sensitive fanny when sliding down the sidewalk. 

So if the republicans do make the majority would Biden and Harris be impeached?  We could only hope so, but I suspect the democrats would try to avoid that and just replace them themselves using one system or the other.  That apparent system to me would be by removing the chance of it happening altogether by stopping the elections themselves.  How likely is that?  I do not know, but the use of a major false flag like a new plandemic and/or a new total war and/or a massive internal disruption like civil war, insurrection, mass starvation and the likelihood of war with China and maybe Russia at the same time would give them the opportunity to try to maintain power while destroying this nation and its population to conform to the Illuminati’s vision of a New World Order using the Great Reset to do so.  War that will kill off those that survive the famine and disease and violence here at home seems to be just what is in store for us.  No, they will not allow the republicans to really come into power, not after what they witnessed during Trumps brief but mostly successful reign.  No, they will never allow that to ever happen again although the results of their insane obstinacies are what will destroy us, and likely by this year’s end as I currently judge things and war is guaranteed at this time.  As Putin said, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are now let loose and we will see the results very soon.  Yes, he is part and parcel of the Great Reset.

Sure, there is a good possibility that I am way off base but keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, things are going to get very busy the next few months guaranteed.