Pro-abortion demonstration takes things to new heights

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A left-wing protester scaled Washington D.C.’s Frederick Douglass Bridge on Friday in protest of the Supreme Court’s decision to return decisions on abortion rights to the state level.

The person is flying a green banner, which apparently represents the fight for abortion rights.

As of now, the individual has been at the top of the bridge’s arch for over half an hour.

The man at the top of the arch posted to Twitter, asking, “Why YOU aren’t in the streets nonviolently shutting down the gov day after day after day till Congress protects abortion rights? Rise Up my Friends!”

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The left can’t even outdo the right when it comes to daredevil abortion protests, as just last month a man called the “pro-life spider man” scaled the second tallest tower on the entire West Coast without any climbing equipment.

Sadly, this probably isn’t the craziest pro-abortion protest we’ll see this weekend.