Many such cases.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

A Pennsylvania drag queen performer has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography after he shared at least 135 videos and pictures of minors engaged in obscene acts.

Brice Patric Ryschon Williams has been charged with 25 counts of felony class 2 child pornography and 18 counts of criminal use of a communications facility after police executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home.

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The investigation into Williams, who also performs under the drag queen name Anastasia Diamond, began in May 2020 when the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children submitted a tip to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s Child Predator Section.

Early that month, indecent images of children engaged in sexual acts began to be uploaded to a Dropbox file associated with an email address linked to Anastasia Diamond, or Ana D.

After a a subpoena was issued to ISP Comcast for IP information, the suspect’s home was revealed to be in Oxford Court in Chambersburg.

Over the following months, the suspect continually uploaded more obscene images to the Dropbox account and investigators, led by Special Agent Travis Nye, built up a plethora of evidence confirmed the culprit to be Brice Williams.

The Tri-State Alert website documents the rest of the story;

On June 22, 2022, Special Agent Nye was able to obtain a search warrant for the Chambersburg home associated with the Dropbox uploads. That warrant was executed the next day at 6:43am. An adult that wasn’t Brice Williams answered the door but told police that Brice was indeed in the home. After finding Brice, he was escorted out of the home while the rest of the warrant was carried out.

After being read his Miranda Warnings, Williams said he had numerous addresses, including the Anastasia Diamond Gmail account. He also told police his phone number, which matched the Ana D recovery phone number. Brice then told authorities all of his electronic devices and that nobody else in the home used them.

More interviews of Williams at his home saw Brice allegedly saying that he had never uploaded, downloaded, or sought out child pornography. Upon revealing that Police received multiple tips that his Dropbox contained child pornography, Williams allegedly continued to deny that he uploaded child porn.

After finding the defendant’s phone, authorities were able to find at least 25 videos of child pornography on the phone, as well as more on an old phone. Special Agent Nye notes that 25 is just a small sample of the number of sexually explicit files on Williams’ phone.

After finding his devices, SA Nye confronted Brice with more information. Williams then admitted that he had searched for, possessed, and shared child pornography. He then told police that he first saw child pornography in 2014 on a messaging app and that he eventually started uploading the files to cloud storage apps to send and receive more files and links with other people online.

Williams’ bail was set to $100,000, which he has been unable to post. He is being held at Franklin County Corrections and his trial date has been set for July 5.

Williams had received positive media attention under his Anastasia Diamond drag queen name, with local newspapers touting him as a “HIV/AIDS prevention advocate and community organizer.”

The story yet again confirms the link between drag queen shows, which are now promoted to children, and sex predators.

As we highlighted earlier this month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered an investigation into an allegation by a parent that a teacher took his son to a drag queen show which was attended by a convicted sex offender.

As we previously reported, the former head of the Cream City Foundation, which sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour in Milwaukee, was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.

In 2019, it was revealed that the Houston Public Library allowed a registered sex offender to read to children as part of Drag Queen Story Hour.

One of the program’s drag queens, 32-year-old Alberto Garza, was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008.

During this month’s gay pride parade marches, children were exposed to bare breasts, fetish kinks like ‘puppy play’, twerking, half naked men whipping each other, and chants of “we have genitals and lube.”