The left shows their true colors as they cry over not being able to end innocent lives

Posted BY: Wyatt | NwoReport


Race-obsessed Democrats rushed to Twitter Friday to ensure everyone knows people of color will be those most affected by the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Roe v Wade abortion ruling.

The reality is that America’s abortion industry began as a racist eugenics operation spearheaded by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who said black people were “like weeds that need to be controlled.”

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In fact, the CEO of Planned Parenthood came out against Sanger last year, saying the infamous abortionist needs to be canceled over her history of eugenics and racism.

However, the left will use the fact that more black babies are aborted in New York state than are born by claiming people of color will “face the brunt of negative impact” following the court’s ruling.

Remember when Kanye West went viral two years ago for going on the Joe Rogan Podcast and warning Americans that 1,000 black babies are aborted every day?

It’s true that people of color engage in abortions more than whites in America, but wouldn’t that mean that the pro-life Christian right cares more about black and brown babies being born than the left who quite literally wants them dead?

According to 2019 Pew Research data from the 29 states that share racial demographics in abortion figures, black and hispanic women accounted for 59% of abortions while white women accounted for 38%.

Regardless of race, people should be celebrating the lives that may be saved by this ruling as well as the win for the Constitution as the court simply gave power over abortion laws back to the states.

Check out some of the racial division being pushed by the left below:

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