McConnell and other Republicans defied Trump and voted in favor

Posted BY: Daily Mail

Joe Biden will sign the gun control package on Saturday after it breezed through the House of Representatives on Friday.

The President will also make a statement on the bill that seeks to crack down on weapon ownership across the US.

The House of Representatives passed the bipartisan gun control package Friday afternoon sending it to Biden’s desk.

In a vote of 234 to 193, with the help of 14 Republicans, the House followed the Senate’s lead in green-lighting the legislation – the most significant firearms bill passed in decades. 

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Cheers rang out from the House floor after it passed – with no Democrats voting against the legislation.  

Biden is headed to Germany and then Spain early Saturday morning for G7 and NATO meetings. 

The vote came amid protests and celebrations outside the Supreme Court due to the court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade – with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle participating. 

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