Machine errors, ballot mistakes, lack of transparency required by law, and severe chain of custody issues are among the problems raised by poll watchers.

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Despite numerous concerns raised by poll watchers of major election issues during the Nevada primary, the Clark County Commissioners voted to certify the results anyway, according to reports.

Poll watchers during a meeting with the Clark County Commissioners on Friday described instances of machine errors, ballot mistakes, lack of transparency required by law, and severe chain of custody issues that, according to state law, should have nullified the primary results.

From the DC Patriot:

• Despite a court order, poll watchers were not permitted to properly observe counting as workers often blocked their views with chairs, boxes, racks, and even used 6-foot temporary walls…including the adjudication room which is where election workers can manually manipulate ballots and decide votes.

• 44,000 voters were unable to vote for either party’s primary because the DMV switched their ballots to non-partisan for no explained reason other than a “glitch” they did not even seem concerned about remedying or fixing.

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• Because there is no ID needed to vote in Nevada, ballots are “certified” by unqualified election workers who were often seen rapidly clicking through “signature verifications” without even looking.

• Boxes were seen being loaded and unloaded and even a video was played, either without proper observation or after observers were already sent home for the night.

• Ballot envelopes were visibly and illegally marked with the precinct number and party, with Republican voters being personally identified by them, publicly announced for some reason, and then sent to certain designated boxes or machines and often experienced errors that were never resolved for the voters.

• Multiples of complaints from people who received ballots at home from people that hadn’t lived there in years, or who have never lived there at all.

Despite the fact many of these anomalies were corroborated by witnesses, the Clark County Commissioners voted to certify the primary election anyway without attempting to address or refute any of the problems listed.

Many of the grassroots “America First” Republican candidates favored to win lost their races to establishment RINO candidates earlier this month.

“Most notable was the shocking ‘win’ of Sheriff Joe Lombardo for Governor who was so disliked by his own Republicans voters for being pro-red flag laws, pro-gun control, forced vaccinations, as well as being the same guy who covered up the Las Vegas shooting and refused to ever answer any the public’s questions about it. Lombardo did little to no physical campaigning, and the very few times he did appear in public he was met with boos and heckling,” DC Patriot reported.

This is an ominous sign that RINO Republicans may spoil the midterm victory for America First candidates and maintain the political status quo dominated by Democrats and other RINOs aligned with Joe Biden.