Posted BY: Red Voice Media

There is no denying that Vice President Kamala Harris, much like President Joe Biden, has had a difficult time when it comes to her role in the White House. Not only has Harris failed to capture the support of the American people, but when it came to key issues like the Southern border crisis, the Vice President more than failed to address the issue, hordes of migrants continue to cross.

With her approval rating sinking into the 30s, on Wednesday, Harris attended an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX and hoped a video of her hitting a basketball shot would impress voters. The only problem, like most of the Biden administration, the entire story wasn’t shown. 

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In the video, which is featured below, Harris is shown sinking a basket as the crowd around her, which included her husband Douglas Emhoff. Apparently, it didn’t matter that the Vice President was only a few feet from the basket. But as mentioned above, while Harris did make the shot eventually, it took her six tries. 

While the video of Harris was originally uploaded by her aide, Opal Vadhan, another version was later shared by the Republican National Committee on Thursday and it painted an entirely different scene as people waited for the Vice President to make the basket.