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The newly elected Republican congresswoman who accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of shoving her daughter during a swearing-in ceremony has admitted that the girl didn’t notice anything amiss at the time.

Rep. Mayra Flores from Texas was sworn-in by Pelosi last Tuesday, and took to Twitter on Sunday to accuse the powerful Democrat of elbowing her daughter after video of the incident surfaced online.

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On Monday, Flores that she discussed the incident with her daughter afterwards, but that during the ceremony the girl ‘was so focused on the event that she honestly didn’t see what had just happened’.

‘She kept on smiling and didn’t allow that to ruin such a special moment so I’m very proud of her, she is a queen,’ she added in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Flores said that the alleged shove only came to her attention when she later watched video of the event, which purported to depict Pelosi jabbing an elbow into the young girl.

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