Posted BY: Joe Hoft

The far-left Democrats and their Mainstream media hate Lauren Boebert so she must be a strong warrior for Making America Great Again.  Last night she won her primary in Colorado. 

FOX News reported last night:

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert has won her Republican primary election in Colorado, securing a crucial vote of confidence ahead of her November general election.

On Tuesday night, Boebert was declared the winner in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District over her moderate opponent, state Rep. Don Coram.

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“Freedom wins!” she said in a tweet after the results were announced. “Thank you for all of your support.”

Boebert’s win was also praised by fellow Representative Matt Gaetz.

Boebert is one of the few in Congress that is willing to stand up and call out what is right and what is wrong. She is not intimidated by the RINO GOP leadership in the House, she’s vocal about issues and crimes that are taking place by the Biden regime. This is what Americans want in an Congresswoman.