Posted BY: William D. Howard

I like ‘old white men’: Socrates, Abe Lincoln, Moses, even Ronald Reagan. As an ‘old black man’ once said, we should judge people based upon their character, not their race. The so-called “progressive” faction of the Democratic Party, known for their “Holier Than Thou” brand of political rhetoric: “Political Correctness,” CRT and their signature achievement in “Wokeness,” and “Cancel Culture,” never miss an opportunity to tell the world of the sins and imperfections of “old white men.” By using this collective epithet they have committed three acts of bigotry in one short statement: ageism, racism, and sexism. How ironic that a political party that never tires of espousing the virtues of multiculturism, inclusiveness, diversity, and tolerance, rarely finds anything good to say about “old white men.”

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This is, of course, not by accident. Theirs is a malicious mindset that forgoes serious, objective analysis. They are not interested in taking the time to look at facts or even to fairly consider the opinions of others. For them It is much easier to smear, slander, or libel their opponents. It is far easier to attack another person’s unknown motives, call them racists, misogynist, or white supremacist. By using this radical tactic, they get a jump on their opposition. The opposition hesitates to respond and spends valuable time trying to defend their good name. The radical mindset is not interested in a search for truth. People like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Adolf Hitler had no need of other people’s truth. They claimed an omniscience that ordinary people only attribute to God. Who on America’s current political scene seems more certain of his or her personal version of truth than Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? In the Democratic presidential debates which took place before the 2020 nomination, various Democrat candidates pointed out the cauldron of anger bubbling up in Sanders and Warren’s statements. This tendency towards the extreme is intrinsic to the Left, not just something based upon the personal failings of two left-wing politicians. Sanders and Warren’s anger are singular only in degree. Attempting to destroy the opposition by using extreme rhetoric has a long and ugly history on both the Left and the Right, but is uniquely systemic to the Left.

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