Posted BY: Alex Sosnowski

A change in the jet stream pattern will favor long-tracking severe thunderstorm complexes beginning late in the Independence Day weekend and ongoing through next week from the northern Plains to the central and southern Appalachians, AccuWeather meteorologists warn. There’s the potential for one or more intense complexes to develop that could have widespread damaging consequences.

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A large northward bulge will develop in the jet stream over the Great Plains next week and set up a bit of a chain reaction, AccuWeather Senior and Long-Range Meteorologist Joe Lundberg said. “Heat [will] build over the middle of the nation. At the same time, a southward dip in the jet stream associated with a wedge of cool air will strengthen in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States.”

Disturbances traveling along in the jet stream on the edge of the cool and hot air are likely to trigger complexes of thunderstorms that can last for days and travel hundreds of miles. “These complexes will parade one after another,” Lundberg said.

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