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Police have released heartbreaking body camera footage of the moment an unarmed black man from Ohio was shot by police as many as 90 times. 

Jayland Walker was killed by Akron police after officers tried to stop him for a traffic violation while he was driving on June 25.

In comments published on Saturday by the Akron Beacon Journal, attorney Bobby DiCello described the video as ‘brutal,’ and said Walker’s relatives worried that protests this weekend could turn violent.

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The shooting was the latest in a spate of killings of Black men by law enforcement in the United States that critics say are unjustified, including the 2020 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis that ignited global protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

‘We’re all bracing for the community’s response, and the one message that we have is the family does not need any more violence,’ DiCello said.