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Two women have died in a shark attack within 650ft of each other at a tourist hotspot in Egypt as the first victim has been named as a 68-year-old pensioner from Austria. 

Egyptian authorities admitted today another woman was pulled out of the sea on Friday after eyewitnesses said her lifeless body was found on a reef in Sahl Hasheesh, south of Hurghada.

The woman’s identity has not been revealed but she is believed to have been a Romanian tourist who was staying at the adults-only five-star hotel, Premier Le Reve. 

The local Green Party in Kramsach, Tyrol named Elisabeth Sauer, who was a local councilor from 1998 to 2004, as the first woman who was attacked at around the same time as the other tourist.   

She was walking in shallow water while using a snorkel with fins not far from the beach and told her partner, an Austrian of Egyptian descent, ‘I’ll go back in for a moment.

The footage then shows her desperately trying to get to safety with the aid of a flipper as the waters around her turn scarlet red. 

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Terrified onlookers tried to distract the predator, which is believed to be either a Mako or an Oceanic whitetip shark, but no one jumped in to help her. 

Somehow she made it ashore and it was there that she was then taken to the private Nile Hospital where she could not be resuscitated, according to an Egyptian official.  She is believed to have died from ‘painful shock’ – most likely a heart attack. 

It is thought she had been in the country for a month, arriving on June 2, with her partner, and was due to return home today. 

Yesterday, officials at the Red Sea Governorate told reporters that the area of the attack and Hurghada would be closed to all sea activity including fishing and diving. The sea is likely to be opened tomorrow by authorities as the nearby beaches have been deserted in the wake of the deaths.

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