Support for ‘current thing’ continues to eat into living standards.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

Hamburg’s environment minister has warned Germans that hot water could be rationed and limits on maximum room temperatures introduced as a result of the energy crisis.

“The state environment minister, Jens Kerstan, announced that the hot-water supply for private households could be reduced,” reports Deutsche Welle.

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The district heating grid could act to lower the maximum allowed temperature for households as part of a general lowering of living standards caused by support for ‘the current thing’.

“If there were to be an acute gas shortage, hot water could be made available in an emergency only at certain times of day,” he told the paper Welt am Sonntag.

As we previously highlighted, Germans are being told to take fewer showers to save energy, with Bild even running an article that suggested washing less makes you smell better.

The article was published after Klaus Mueller, the head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency, asked his fellow countrymen, “whether you really need to take a hot shower seven days a week – with gas heating.”

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