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Source: NewsWeek

The U.S. government wants to send a tiny nuclear fusion reactor into space, and it has partnered with a private company to get a prototype operational by 2027.

Nuclear fusion is an area of physics that scientists have pored over for years as it promises to provide one of the cleanest and most efficient forms of energy possible. Nuclear fusion is when two atomic nuclei merge into one single heavier nucleus, converting some mass into energy.

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It’s the same process that powers the sun, where hydrogen atoms are forced together under enormous heat and pressure to form helium.

Recreating this process artificially has proven to be a hugely tricky task. Various elaborate machines have been built that attempt to mimic the conditions at the heart of our sun, from donut-shaped tokamaks that use enormous magnets to contain the reaction, to a giant gun that fires projectiles together. Despite decades of work, nothing have proved advanced enough to be built into a power grid.

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