Posted BY: Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

A decade or two ago, who would have thought a topic such as this would be newsworthy or relevant? Athletic competitions and sports leagues were always separated by age, gender, weight class, or other physical attributes which could convey an unfair advantage to some athletes, with a goal of creating a “level playing field.”

Yet here we are today, in the age of wokeness and virtue-signaling, with biologic males, under the guise of transgenderism, competing against biologic females, putting the latter at a huge and often insurmountable disadvantage. How’s that for one of the pillars of the modern woke movement, namely “equity”?

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Most readers are likely familiar with the past year’s saga involving a transgendered college swimmer. I am referring to Lia Thomas, winner of the NCAA collegiate women’s swim championship 500-yard freestyle event. But Lia wasn’t always Lia. He was born and grew up as a boy.

The story began last fall and, in brief, involves a University of Pennsylvania swimmer named Will Thomas, an unremarkable men’s swimmer whose life and swimming career went on hiatus due to COVID. During his year off, Will became Lia and is now a member of the Penn women’s swim team. While a mediocre men’s swimmer, Lia is anything but as a women’s swimmer. “UPenn trans swimmer, 22, sparks outrage by smashing women’s competition records after competing as a man for three seasons.”

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