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He’s got to be close to his floor, no? A third of this country will support anything with a “D” label slapped on it, just as a third (well, more like 43 percent) will support anything with an “R” slapped on it. At some point Biden will have shed every last Dem who isn’t “ride or die” with the party and that’s as low as he’ll go, even if gas hits 15 bucks a gallon.

I think. If there’s any issue that could punch through a politician’s hypothetical polling floor and cause a “China syndrome” for his party, it’s inflation.

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Biden’s approval is still a nose above 38 percent in the RCP average but this new Monmouth survey is the third in the past two weeks to have him in the 35-36 percent range, well into “Biblical disaster” midterm territory for Dems. Losing the House is a foregone conclusion. Losing the Senate gets likelier by the day.

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