Could Beijing Biden’s corrupt family soon be brought to justice?US counterintelligence allegedly investigating Hunter’s ties to Chinese intelligence and more

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

President Joe Biden’s crackhead son Hunter may be under federal surveillance regarding his shady connections to China’s “top spy chief” among other problematic issues.

Journalist Paul Sperry of reported on Monday that a source within US counterintelligence told him Hunter is being monitored by the feds as there are growing concerns about his ties to the Chinese government.

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In October 2020, it was widely reported in alternative media circles that leaked audio revealed Hunter Biden saying he represented “the fucking spy chief of China,” a man named Patrick Ho, who started a company with Hunter’s “partner” Che Feng.

Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” revealed Joe Biden’s brother Jim was caught sending bank wiring instructions to Ho in 2018.

One of Hunter’s former associates, Tony Bobulinski, spilled the beans about the Biden family’s shady Chinese business deals in 2020 after the infamous laptop was made public.

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