South Korea has taken an unorthodox approach for its new KF-21 fighter jet that now appears poised to start flight testing.

Posted BY: The Drive

South Korea’s KF-21 next-generation fighter is preparing for its first flight, with footage of a prototype undertaking ground tests under power having emerged in the last few days. These tests follow recent static engine runs for the twin-engine fighter, the first flight of which is rumored to be planned before the end of this month.

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Undated but apparently recent videos taken from outside the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) production facility in Sacheon show the first prototype KF-21 — named Boramae, meaning hawk in Korean — taxiing across a temporarily closed road. The KAI facility is collocated with Sacheon Airport, which serves the city of Jinju in the southeast of the country. Reports indicate that the jet was heading north from the KAI plant to the airport’s main runway. Once there, the test pilot opened the throttles of the U.S.-supplied General Electric F414-GE-400K engines, and the aircraft made a brief high-speed run before decelerating. This kind of test run is entirely expected bearing in mind the potentially imminent nature of the aircraft’s first flight.

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