Fox News host highlights connection between increased consumption of suicide mass-murder pills and rise of senseless violence in America.Several recent mass shootings took place in areas where red flag gun laws are already on the books.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the prevalence of SSRI medication in America while senseless violent crimes trend higher year after year.

Carlson laid out how the recent spate of mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, and now Highland Park, Illinois were all committed by mentally ill and culturally isolated males.

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“A lot of young men in America are going nuts. Are you surprised? And by the way, a shockingly large number of them have been prescribed psychotropic drugs by their doctors, SSRI or antidepressants and that would include quite a few mass shooters and keep in mind, again, these drugs are meant to prevent crazy behavior and yet there seems to be a connection,” Carlson said Tuesday during his monologue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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