Posted BY: Sloan Oliver

For decades, conservatives ceded the cultural battlefield to the likes of John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner. We were told, that if we wanted to win, to shut up on social issues such as abortion, religious freedom, immigration, gay marriage, gun rights, etc. – because to argue for life (and against abortion), for heterosexual marriage, for public prayer, for school choice, for secure borders, or for any other rights was far too contentious. Doing so would anger half the electorate.

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Instead, our faux leaders said we must focus only on taxes, balanced budgets, and other fiscal issues. In the process, a few battles were won but the war was being lost. America, as our forefathers and the Greatest Generation knew it, was being destroyed one progressive victory at a time – cultural death by a 1,000 cuts. If you were disgusted with misogynist rap lyrics on the radio, killing of babies in the womb, sexual grooming of young children, and racism openly taught in schools, tough; get used to it because that’s the new norm. You must accept the most abhorrent behavior or be called racist, homophobe, misogynist, and on and on. Learn to love it because more’s coming. And it did.

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