Posted BY: Strange Sounds

After the eerie green sky engulfed South Dakota on July 5, 2022, a supercell thunderstorm dropped hail larger than softballs in southern Sioux County, Nebraska Tuesday evening.

Severe weather spotter Dan Fitts captured the above shot of a 4.3-inch hail stone that fell in open range 20 miles north of Morrill, or 10 miles southwest of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, around 6 p.m.

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“I picked it up within minutes of it falling,” Fitts said in a Facebook comment. “There were actually quite a lot of them that fell in about a 2.5 mile wide swath which is actually quite impressive!”

“Here’s my cooler of the ones I jumped out and grabbed in the absolutely pouring rain while wearing my motorcycle helmet for safety,” Fitts added.

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