Posted BY: Breitbart

As soon as news leaked that the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade, Democrats starting working at making abortion a midterm issue — a message that is “already falling flat” with voters, The Hill reported Wednesday.

“Here we are with leadership basically [reduced] to begging for people to vote,” Aaron Chappell, political director of the grassroots group Our Revolution told the publication. “No clear plan, no promises of what those votes will translate to.”

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Now that the issue of abortion laws has been returned to state legislatures, Democrats have begun chattering about attempting to “codify Roe” or even revive the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would prohibit local, state, and federal officials from preventing abortions at any stage of pregnancy. Pro-abortion groups are already dumping money into Democrats’ campaigns and paying for political attack advertisements against pro-life Republicans.

Democrats are also “hoping to create enough urgency to tilt the turnout numbers in their favor” by fear-mongering about a potential national abortion ban if Republicans win back the House and Senate in November. But according to The Hill, some Democrat strategists “question whether that’s the right approach.”

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