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Or it’s still really the stupid economy. Take your pick, but the latest Associated Press/NORC poll shows that voter focus on personal economics as their midterm criterion has grown faster than the inflation that’s driving it. Inflation concerns gave risen from “less than 1%” a year ago to the top of the list, and personal finances are right behind on the priority list:

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Concerns about inflation and personal finances have surged while COVID has evaporated as a top issue for Americans, a new poll shows, marking an upheaval in priorities just months before critical midterm elections.

Forty percent of U.S. adults specifically name inflation in an open-ended question as one of up to five priorities for the government to work on in the next year, according to a June poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. That’s a sharp rise from 14% in December and less than 1% the year prior. Seventy-seven percent mention the economy in any way, up from 68% in December.

Now, too, Americans increasingly call their personal finances a major issue: 44% mention it, up from 24% in December and 12% the year before. That includes more mentioning gas or energy prices (33% now vs. 10% in December) and food costs (9% vs. less than 1%).

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