Posted BY: Washington Examiner

A number of top Democratic politicians are positioning themselves for the 2024 election as party officials quietly wonder if President Joe Biden is the right candidate to put forward again.

Three senior Democratic officials told the Washington Examiner that Biden’s current economic quagmire, coupled with a series of legislative and judicial defeats ranging from voting rights to abortion access, has forced Democratic voters to question whether Biden is the “right man for the job.”

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“President Biden’s 2020 campaign had a clear goal that rallied voters across the nation: remove Donald Trump from the White House,” one official stated. “2024 won’t be nearly that cut and dry. It’s not a complete certainty that Trump will run again, and the president has yet to make good on the bulk of his campaign promises. It’s hard to see him not at least being challenged before the general, even if it’s meant just to send a message from the electorate.”

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