Rhodes believes Jan. 6 Committee could misrepresent comments if he submits to taped deposition.Comes as upcoming Jan. 6 hearing will focus on alleged Proud Boy, Oath Keeper involvement.

Posted BY: InfoWars

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes says he’ll testify before the Jan. 6 House Select Committee – but only if his testimony can be made in public.

On Friday, Rhodes’ lawyer said his client, who’s currently in federal custody on seditious conspiracy charges, would offer testimony if he could give it live in-person, instead of from jail.

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“He’s willing to waive his Fifth Amendment rights, he wants to testify in public, and he wants to testify live,” Rhodes’ attorney James Lee Bright stated Friday.

“I don’t think they’ll go along with that,” he added.

Bright argued Rhodes does not want to submit a videotaped deposition, “saying he doesn’t trust the panel to air Rhodes’ remarks in full,” reports Politico.

Besides, Rhodes has already been deposed by the committee, and invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination several times.

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