Being a woman is a vibe…if you in your heart feel that that’s what you are, then that’s what you are,” she says.Singer previously stated that transgender surgery cannot transform biological males into women.

Posted BY: Billy | NwoReport

Singer Macy Gray backtracked her remarks about gender in the wake of attacks by the woke mob, now claiming that being a woman “is a vibe” that anybody can experience.

Gray had first said in an interview earlier this week that biological males can’t become women with transgender surgery.

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“I will say this, and everybody’s going to hate me, but as a woman, just because you go change your parts doesn’t make you a woman. Sorry,” she told Piers Morgan.

“If you want me to call you a her, I will, because that’s what you want. But that doesn’t make you a woman, just ’cause I call you a her and just ’cause you got a surgery.”

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