Sri Lanka’s president fled on the naval ship after thousands flooded into his palace as food and fuel shortages plunge the country into chaos. The collapse of a South Asian island country may risk a geopolitical showdown between India and China over who holds sway over the region.

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Thousands of protesters stormed Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s official residence as part of an anti-government demonstration calling for his resignation following the country’s economic collapse.

Demonstrators marched to Sri Lanka’s commercial capital of Colombo early Saturday. They jumped security fences surrounding the residence and overran the president’s security forces. Rajapaksa was evacuated from the palace around 1000 local times, his secretary Gamini Senarath told Bloomberg.

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“The president was escorted to safety,” a senior defense source told AFP. “He is still the president, he is being protected by a military unit.”

Alleged footage of the president fleeing on a naval ship. 

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