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(Natural News) Last November, we reported that upwards of 65 percent of San Diego’s police force was slated to quit over Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates. It turns out that 22 percent of them actually did.

Reports indicate that nearly one in four police officers on the force in San Diego left their posts in the largest exodus since 2009. Their reason? They did not want to be forcibly jabbed with experimental “medicine” that could kill them, and that most certainly would have altered their natural DNA.

Los Angeles County would have lost similar numbers, by the way, had Sheriff Alex Villanueva not decided to refuse support for the unconstitutional jab mandates. San Diego was not so fortunate, which resulted in yet another mass exodus from the force.

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Los Angeles city, conversely, saw more than 2,200 employees quit over the injection mandates that were enforced in that department.

In San Diego, more than 230 police officers – this reportedly does not include administrative staff – have left their posts so far in 2022. This is more than the number of new officers who were sworn in for the entire year of 2021, which totaled 252.

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