Posted BY: Milli Sands

It’s the right tool for the right job, stupid.

There was a mass shooting in Highland Park, IL on 4 July 2022.  

I recently heard an interview with Pastor T.J. Grooms.  The man seemed genuinely concerned about the violence affecting his community.  He is black and ministers to Chicago’s South Side.  

Apparently, the South Side can be a pretty rough place

As I understood, his basic gripe was that no one (read: media, politicians) cared about the violence in his area because of its place on the economic totem pole.

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Grooms said on “America’s Newsroom” Friday that his community is struggling economically and is not politically engaged, which is why political leaders don’t take an interest in local problems.

“There’s just no need for them politically,” Grooms told host Bill Hemmer, who noted the lack of mainstream media coverage of murders in the city.

He said “we almost expect these things to happen” in a low-income, predominantly Black community like his. “And when you expect these things to happen, it’s as if you walk around and you don’t have the same level of care and the same level of concern.”  

By comparison, “you can get political brownie points just by showing up” in affluent communities like Highland Park, Grooms told Fox News.

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