Posted BY: Christopher Chantrill

It was interesting to read last week that our Democratic friends are criticizing President Biden for doing nothing. Or rather, they are clamoring for him to Do Something to save their political necks — on the days when they are not avoiding him like the plague.

It does show what a bubble Democrats live in. For the past 18 months President Biden and congressional leaders have been working like mad to pass stimulus bills and Build Back Better bills in the multi-trillions, and the administrative state has been working overtime to bring fossil fuels to a dead stop.

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If you knew just a little about economics, you would have been thinking: wow, pedal to the metal spending ain’t gonna look good on the inflation front. Stopping fossil fuels dead ain’t gonna look good on the gas station front. Democrats should thank their lucky stars that Manchin, Sinema & Co slowed the madness down a bit.

I realize that no headline Democrat has time between peaceful protests to get up to speed on economics, and that’s why nobody at Dem Central was saying, back in early 2021: Whoa Neddy! I guess all the relevant experts were busy recommending mandatory vaccinations at the time.

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