Posted BY: The Right Scoop

CNN’s senior data analyst revealed today that the January 6th hearings which were supposed to swing the election back toward the Democrats have essentially bombed.

Harry Enten revealed that while a significant portion of Republicans and Democrats are paying attention to the hearings, it hasn’t changed anything with respect to November:

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Enten points out that 74% of Democrats and 51% of Republicans are paying attention to the hearings at least somewhat closely.

But when it comes to the question of whether more people think Trump committed a crime as a result of the hearings, Enten points out that opinions haven’t really changed on either side of the aisle from April to now.

But even more to the point, when Enten was asked if the hearings have changed anything in terms of November, he showed that Republicans still lead the same amount on a generic ballot.

And he explains the reason for that is because the top issue for Americans is inflation and Republicans are trusted more than Democrats on the issue by a whopping +19 points.