Posted BY: John Green

It looks like President Gremlin may be done. The Dems are starting to turn on him. Both the New York Times and The Atlantic have run stories that Democrat party leaders are questioning old Joe’s ability to do the job. Duh! In fact, according to the Daily Mail, one anonymous Democrat lawmaker called the Biden administration, “rudderless, aimless, and hopeless.” And that was from somebody on his own team – ouch.

But I have to disagree with whoever coined that term. They’re more wrong than right. There has been nothing aimless or rudderless about anything Biden has done. The Biden administration has been misguided, not unguided.

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They’re only feeling hopeless because Joe tried to give them everything on their Christmas wish list. Now they don’t like what that wish list looks like under the hard light of reality. Be careful what you wish for – and all of that.

You see, there is nothing aimless or rudderless about Biden’s actions. “Aimless” implies a lack of an objective – not having a goal to aim at, or a destination that he wants to take America to. Reagan was aiming for something – the shining city on the hill (which came from a 1630 sermon by John Winthrop). Trump had an objective too – American greatness. Joe’s aim for America is a bit different, but he’s not wavering in the slightest.

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