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A gas pipeline explosion in Texas on July 7 was followed by a gas plant explosion in Oklahoma on July 9. Two incidents do not necessarily make a trend, but it’s conspicuous that they are happening now as natural gas prices are already set to rise dramatically ahead of winter. Is this an attack by the powers-that-be, whether it’s the globalists with the “Liberal World Order” or the climate change maniacs acting as eco-terrorists?

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We already know our food infrastructure is under attack with dozens of food processing plants mysteriously having “industrial accidents” in recent months. We were among the first to report on that, but even we didn’t notice until nearly two dozen had been hit. Is hitting our power grid stage two of their attempt to crash the U.S. economy? If it is, we’re not going to wait until several gas plants are hit before we ask the question.

Here’s what happened in Texas:

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