Posted BY: Trevor Thomas

The end of Roe v. Wade, while a tremendous constitutional victory, is far from enough to end abortion in America. Many states in the U.S. will see just as many abortions — if not more — as they would have if Roe had never been overturned. What’s more, the (seemingly always) angry left in America seems ever more determined to bring even more sexual deviancy into our culture.

As the last several decades have taught us, the left doesn’t need an excuse to push the sexual boundaries in America, but losing Roe seems to have pushed many into a deeper darkness when it comes to matters in the sexual realm.

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After the Dobbs decision which overturned Roe, Teen Vogue, a magazine for adolescents, published an article entitled “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen After Roe v. Wade Was Overturned.” The article goes to great lengths to undermine parents of pregnant teenagers, declaring, “Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.”

The article goes on to say,

If you aren’t comfortable telling a parent about your decision to have an abortion, you can seek what’s called a “judicial bypass” in one of the many states that has this system. Judicial bypass allows you to go directly before a judge and get approval from that judge to have an abortion, rather than having consent from your parents. Yes, it’s paternalistic and unfair that you literally have to get permission from someone else to choose what to do with your body, but it is an option for legal abortion. 

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