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Professor Edward J. Steele, who is an Australian molecular and cellular immunologist, geneticist, and microbiologist, says the COVID-19 “vaccines “can’t work” because the disease they are meant to prevent is a “common cold virus.” Steele said: “I’ve got to stress: this is a common cold virus, 99.9% of people get rid of it.”

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In a similar style to Dr. Mike Yeadon, not is Steele talking about scientific fact and logical deduction but calling out his dishonest colleagues and ignorant, corrupt politicians. Steele says that the vaccines can’t work because a jab in the arm can’t stimulate a mucosal antibody response in the nose, mouth, and intestinal tract where they are needed to neutralize the virus before it can enter cells and replicate. This is the path to natural immunity for those who have something like a common cold, which all COVID-19 is, all it has ever been, and why a “vaccine” isn’t possible to prevent a cold.

Steele knows this, and so do his colleagues. Even regular people are wondering why on earth political parasites in the ruling class would continue to push for people to be injected with something that won’t prevent what they say it does and is degrading the immune system.

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