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Nina Jankowicz, the fired ‘disinfo czar’ who fell for the Russia hoax and dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop story as fraudulent election-year disinformation, went on fake news CNN and blamed Biden for the Ministry of Truth’s demise.

Brian Stelter asked her what went wrong with the Ministry of Truth. She argued in Orwellian fashion that it was the victim of ‘disinformation.’

Jankowicz claimed the board was meant “to bring best practices to bear, and to make sure that we were up with the latest research, the latest trends, in disinformation and countering it and make sure that work was being done in a way that protected freedom of speech, protected civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy.”

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“So, the sympathetic view, to you, is that the Disinformation Board was the victim of disinformation. Is that how you feel?” Stelter asked her.

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