Their Plans To Wipe Out The Meat Industry Were Fully Documented As Well 

Posted BY: Billy | NwoReport

This important story over at the Epoch Times published July 1st titled “‘Doomsday Document’ Predicted Food Shortages Two Years Ago” holds enough information about ‘globalist pre-knowledge‘ of the current food catastrophe the world has been cast into to make anyone reading it become a ‘conspiracy theorist‘, oops, correction, a ‘truth seeker‘.

Reporting on a July of 2020 report put out by the Rockefeller Foundation titled “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System,” you can visit the Rockefeller Foundations page right here to verify the authenticity of this document, proof we’re being lied to once again.

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With the Rockefeller Foundation report and document from 2 years ago being all about the food shortages we’re witnessing now, including how they planned to wipe out the meat industry in favor of ‘fake foods’, after reading that report and PDF document from 2 years ago that largely hit the nail on the head about what we’re witnessing now across America and the planet one can only realize this has been a long-planned globalist operation.  

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