And over 56 per cent of manslaughter convictions, despite only making up 12 per cent of the population.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

Figures released by the German government show that non-German foreigners are responsible for over 39 per cent of total murders and 56.25 per cent of manslaughter convictions.

The stats were released after an official request was made by Alternative for Germany (AfD) representative in parliament Stephan Brandner.

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Between 2000 and 2020, non-Germans convicted of murder rose from 29.27 per cent to 39.02 per cent.

The proportion of foreigners convicted of manslaughter rose from 37.53 per cent to 56.25 per cent.

Foreigners make up around 12 per cent of the German population, meaning they are significantly overrepresented in serious crimes.

“The unacceptable phenomenon of dramatic foreign crime must finally be solved,” said Brandner. “The figures clearly show that in Germany we have a huge problem with immigrant criminals. Immigrants from Afghanistan and Syria, in particular, pose a major security problem for our country.”

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