15,000 try to get jabbed while infections surge to over 1,000

Posted BY: Billy | NwoReport

Soaring demand for the monkeypox vaccine has caused the appointment system to crash in New York City.

City health officials acknowledged the frustration over the limited supply of the jab and vowed to build a ‘stable appointment infrastructure’ as the supply increases.

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Infections now exceed 1,000 from the growing outbreak in the U.S. Most patients experience only fever, body aches, chills and fatigue. 

Vaccine shortages have added to anxiety around the virus. Health officials say anyone can get monkeypox, but most cases in the U.S. have been men who have sex with men.

In San Francisco, where there have only been 68 confirmed cases, residents queued up for blocks to get their jabs.

The Golden Gate City’s health department received 2,308 doses from the federal government last week and only 50 remain at the Zukerberg San Francisco General hospital monkeypox clinic, according to their Twitter post.

They have not set up an appointment website, taking residents on a first come, first serve basis. 

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