Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf, meanwhile, has signed an executive order to protect the abortion industry.

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HARRISBURG (LifeSiteNews) – Pennsylvania’s Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf has signed an executive order protecting abortion-on-demand in the Keystone State, but pro-life senators have approved a measure that could clarify there is no state-level right to abortion in a higher authority: the Pennsylvania Constitution.

On Tuesday, Wolf announced that he had signed an executive order “immediately ensuring out-of-state residents may enter Pennsylvania to access” abortion and affirming that the governor will “decline any request received from any other state to issue a warrant for the arrest or surrender of any person charged with a criminal violation involving the provision, receipt of, or assistance with” abortion unless the charge is for something that is also illegal within Pennsylvania.

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The previous Friday, however, the Pennsylvania Senate voted 28-22 to pass an omnibus resolution containing five proposals for amendments to the state Constitution, including “this Constitution does not grant the right to taxpayer-funded abortion or any other right relating to abortion.”

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