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Ivana Trump seemed in good spirits but was tired and ordered only a small amount of food as she dined at her favourite New York restaurant hours before she was found dead at the age of 73, the distraught owner has said.

Paola Alavian, who owns Italian eatery Altesi’s located just a short walk from Ivana’s townhouse in Manhattan’s upmarket Upper East Side, said she had dined with him on Wednesday night – the day before she died. 

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Ivana – ex-wife of former President Donald Trump – seemed in good spirits, he said, but ‘looked maybe a little bit tired’ and ordered a ‘very, very small amount of food’ before collecting the check and heading home.

Her death suggests a sudden decline in Ivana’s health. Atilla Cetin, a manager at Nello, an Italian which sits a block from Ivana’s house, says she appeared in good health during her most recent visit three weeks ago.

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