Posted BY: Robin M. Itzler

Starting with the organic rise of the Tea Party in 2008, a slate of enthusiastic patriots announced their candidacy for public office. The goal was to stop President Barack Obama’s leftward tilt while also changing the elitist GOP agenda, which too often seemed “uni-party.”

Fast forward to Donald Trump’s historic 2016 White House win. “America First” MAGA candidates threw their hats into various campaign rings—city councils, state legislatures, and Congress. Yet, no matter how hard many Tea Party and MAGA candidates worked, most could not compete with GOP coffers that easily paid for radio spots, television ads, colorful billboards, and glossy flyers that promoted the same Establishment candidates that got us into the current mess.

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The Groundhog Day-like cycle, repeats every two years beginning in the primary:

Step 1 – Establishment and MAGA candidates announce their candidacy.

Step 2 – Establishment candidate ignores MAGA candidate.

Step 3 – MAGA candidate starts gaining traction; receives endorsements.

Step 4 – Local and state GOPs blanket the district or state with commercials, ads, flyers, and billboards (many deceptive) knowing the MAGA candidate lacks the financial resources to compete.

Step 5 – The establishment candidate wins the primary. GOP says Republicans must now come together.

Step 6 – RINO wins the election and quickly starts disappointing MAGAs.

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